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Here Is How To Start Automating Property Management Tasks

Chyna Kiehn
Chyna Kiehn
August 3, 2023

The property management industry, once heavily reliant on manual processes and face-to-face interactions, has witnessed a dramatic shift towards automation in recent years. With the advent of sophisticated software solutions and smart systems, tasks that previously demanded hours of meticulous attention can now be executed in a fraction of the time, often with enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

In this dynamic landscape, property managers and landlords who leverage automation not only optimize their operations but also enhance tenant satisfaction and engagement. From rent collections to maintenance requests, automation is paving the way for a more streamlined and stress-free approach to property management. Are you curious about where to begin this transformative journey? Keep reading to discover actionable insights on how to start automating your property management tasks effectively.

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What Does it Mean to Automate Property Management?

Property management automation involves deploying technology-driven tools to handle tasks traditionally done manually. These digital solutions streamline operations, making routine processes efficient and less prone to human errors. By tapping into these technological advancements, property managers can save time, reduce the workload, and offer enhanced services to tenants. With automation, tedious tasks are eliminated, allowing managers to focus on improving the overall tenant experience and building better relationships.

Why is Automation Essential Today?

The contemporary wave of tenants, predominantly millennials and Gen Zers, expect their residences to be technologically advanced. Embracing property management automation not only simplifies the tasks for managers but also meets the modern demands and preferences of tenants, making properties more attractive and competitive in the market. Moreover, with rapid advancements in technology, staying updated is crucial to ensure properties don’t become outdated or lose out to competition.

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What is AI Property Management?

AI property management utilizes advanced technology, mimicking human intelligence, to manage tasks. Using machine learning, AI tools analyze data, make informed decisions, and enhance operations. In a study by Clockify, it was revealed that workers, on average, spend 219 hours annually on tasks that could be automated. This rings especially true for property managers, who can significantly benefit from the efficiencies that AI brings to the table, thereby driving greater profitability.

How Does AI Optimize Property Management?

Tasks like lease renewals, rent collections, and package deliveries often divert property managers from more pressing concerns. AI steps in here. For instance, AI leasing assistants can efficiently handle inquiries from prospects around the clock, ensuring prompt responses even outside of business hours. This not only ensures a better tenant experience but also frees up time for managers to deal with other essential duties.

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Must-Automate Tasks for Property Managers

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Rent Payments

Digital rent collection platforms cater to modern tenants' preferences and simplify the process for property managers. Such systems not only facilitate seamless transactions but also send reminders and notifications, ensuring timely payments. With fewer transaction errors and reduced paperwork, the entire payment process becomes smoother and more transparent.

Lease Renewals

Gone are the days of manual lease renewals. With software solutions, property managers can automatically send out personalized lease renewal reminders. The process can even go as far as sending prepared contracts to tenants, significantly reducing manual intervention. This means no missed renewals or unnecessary delays, ensuring a smoother tenant experience.

Package and Delivery Management

Package management systems, such as package rooms or smart video intercoms, offer enhanced convenience to managers, residents, and couriers. Automating this aspect results in significant savings and boosts the property's Net Operating Income (NOI). This not only streamlines the delivery process but also adds an additional layer of security, ensuring packages are safely received and stored.

Apartment Tours

Self-guided tours, powered by property management automation tools, offer flexibility to prospective tenants and reduce the time managers invest in facilitating showings. Integrating smart access control systems further streamlines this process, enabling potential tenants to experience the property at their own pace, leading to better-informed decisions.

Maintenance Request Management

Automation tools swiftly notify maintenance crews about new requests, assign tasks, and provide status updates. This not only expedites the maintenance process but also ensures prompt communication with tenants, leading to better satisfaction rates and quicker resolution of issues.

Staff Recruitment

Recruiting software can sift through applicants, highlighting potential matches for job roles, enabling managers to focus on top candidates, saving both time and effort. This eliminates the cumbersome process of manually scanning through numerous applications and ensures that only the most qualified individuals are considered.

Tenant Screening

Online screening services, like Experian Connect and E-Renter, have simplified the tenant approval process. By automating background checks and credit score assessments, property managers can ensure they select the most suitable tenants for their property. This results in a more trustworthy tenant base and reduces potential future conflicts or issues.

Property Access Management

Video intercom systems automate property access, granting residents and their guests seamless entry using smartphones, PINs, or virtual keys. These systems ensure security without compromising on convenience. With real-time logs and security checks, properties can ensure enhanced safety measures for all residents.

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Unlocking the Future of Real Estate 

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The digital era has ushered in an unprecedented wave of advancements that every industry, including property management, should harness. Starting the journey towards automating property management tasks can initially seem daunting, but the rewards in terms of time saved, reduced errors, and enhanced tenant satisfaction are immense. Begin with tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming, like rent payments, lease renewals, and maintenance requests, and gradually expand to more intricate processes.

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