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How to Automate Real Estate


Learn how to automate real estate business to cut workload and scale your operations focusing on what really matters.

Automation is key for any kind of business. If you have a manual process in place that consumes a lot of your time (or your team's time), you should always look for better ways to do it.

Time is our most precious asset, so you should invest it in the best possible way. Your business needs your focus on tasks that will take your business forward, with scale and growth.

And when we talk about real estate, the focus on your client has never been more important. In a market full of competitors, you must use your time delivering results to your clients - because, at the end of the day, that's what matters to them. They don't care about everything that happens behind the scenes. They only care about the end results.

Automation is your best friend when it comes to focusing on your client and automating everything else.

Here are 6 different processes you can start today if you want to learn how to automate real estate:

1- Contracts creation

I know that contracts take a lot of your time. Getting information from one place, creating the document, sending the document to your client, getting it back, reviewing, etc - it shouldn't be that hard. And with automation, you can build a system to create every document and send it to your client automatically.

Instead of wasting more than 1h per document, with automation, it will take a few seconds.

2- Lead generation

Your job in real estate is all about connecting to people and building relationships. And it takes time, I know. Good news is, you can automate much of the most time-consuming tasks of going after more people.

With automation, you can create a lead generation system. It will reach out to people via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and many other channels. With follow-up sequences, you can increase your conversion rate and not worry about remembering to connect again.

3- Customer Service

You can also automate customer service. With customer service automation tools, you can set up automated responses to customer questions and create a system for handling customer support requests.

This will help your team focus on more important tasks and help you provide better customer service.

4- Property management

This is one of the most time-consuming tasks a real estate business can have, especially the ones with several agents on the team.

By automating this process and building a system to better manage your properties and listings, you better streamline the work within your team.

You can also integrate with other tools, like CRM and accounting, to make the entire process even more scalable.

5- Internal Team Workflows

Organizing tasks, setting deadlines, and sharing tasks with team members in task management software can streamline processes with more than five agents.

Benefits include:

  • individual dashboards with trackers, KPIs & planners;
  • convenient integrations with Google Calendar or Outlook;
  • document flow & availability from anywhere with real estate apps.

6- Accounting and Finance

Managing transactions, completing financial statements, and organizing accounting records – are common money tasks done in real estate offices. It's difficult to manage these duties without help. Doing paperwork and sifting through documents is not something you want to do in real estate.

You can solve this problem by using a centralized system for tracking, inspecting, and regulating payments. After submitting payment requests, you can easily track them and send them for approval.


Automating your real estate processes is the best way to cut workload and scale your business. From marketing and sales, to team and property management, there are countless processes you can automate.

Reduce the time and resources spent on boring and repetitive tasks, and allow your team to focus on what matters.

Moreover, automating key processes can also allow you to stay ahead of the competition and increase productivity, improving the success and growth of your business.

We are Axe Automation and we help businesses automate their processes.
If you need help on how to automate real estate, book a free call with me.

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